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    Found a bug in Flashbuilder 4.5, with code to replicate

    GoodNewsJim Level 1

      I have two classes, which are identical.  One will call the constructor.  The other does not call the constructor.  I think something may have gotten corrupted in the "renaming process" which renders the constructor invisible.  You can see when you rename the one class ParticleX_Woodchip1 to something else, the constructor is not renamed in the "renaming process".


      It is very simplfied code.  Two classes with 2 trace commands each.  That is all there is.




      PS: Please fix typing lag in projects over 20k lines of code.  It is really hard to write nice procedural code in AS3 because the editor does too much processesing between typing letters.  I have a 48k line file, and there is sometimes 4 second delays between code.  I'd imagine that smaller files also have this type lag, but to a lesser extent that it isn't as noticible.  If you fixed this bug, coders around the world would become quicker coders.