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    Panasonic DMC-GW3 .RW2 files


      Are there any plans to support the import of DMC-GW3 .RW2 files in LR?


      Some on-line reviewers claim ACR 6.4 Beta will do it, but ACR 6.4.1 in LR3 will not.  Where could I down load the ACR Beta?

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          JimHess-h1lFU3 Level 1

          Lightroom does NOT use ACR. All of that functionality is built in to the Lightroom program. Have you installed Lightroom 3.4.1? But even if you have, according to the list of supported cameras, the model you have is not yet supported. You will have to wait for the next update and see if it is supported then.

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            Climber_651 Level 1

            Interesting what you say about LR not using ACR.  I don't claim to know, but when I click on Help/About Adobe Photoshp Lightroom 3, I get a dialoge box that has a note at the top that says Version 3.4.1 AND Camera Raw 6.4.1.  That is where I got the idea.


            Several reviews online claim to have converted the RW2 files from this camera using ACR 6.4 Beta.  Do you know where to get that?



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              Climber_651 Level 1

              Sorry, I am actualy looking for ACR 6.5 Beta.

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                JimHess-h1lFU3 Level 1

                I'm not saying that there isn't a 6.5 beta available.  I just haven't seen any mention of it.  But I haven't been watching that closely.  I'm using older cameras, so I don't eagerly await every new update.


                As far as Lightroom and ACR are concerned, that help screen is just indicating which version of Camera Raw is most compatible with your version of Lightroom.  It's a common misunderstanding, and it's a little confusing.  But if you don't have Photoshop or Photoshop Elements you don't need Camera Raw.  Lightroom doesn't use it.