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    premiere pro playback questions - Mac


      Hi all,

      I recently purchased PP as a part of production premium & I have a question about playback. 


      system specs:

      late 2009 21.5" iMac 3.06ghz core duo

      12gb ram

      1 tb internal hd 7200rpm (project files & everything else on computer)

      1 tb fw800 ext hd 7200rpm (media cache drive, also used for video storage)

      2 tb fw800 ext hd 7200rpm (render files drive, also used for video storage)

      ati radeon hd 4670 256 mb


      This setup is really speedy and works great when working with 1080i60 avchd footage (29.97fps interlaced), even when doing multicam editing & effects.  However, when I try to playback 1080p60 avchd footage (60fps progressive), it is very jerky & unwatchable, even after rendering which I find really strange. Are there any settings I should change about my setup to make it work better? Or if it is something hardware related, what is my weakest link? Thanks a lot!