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    Multiple Monitors


      Is there a way to get premiere Pro CS5.5 or Encore to show previews in full scale on a second monitor/HDTV? I can make the TV the primary monitor or secondary but I can't find anything in Premiere Pro or Encore that will let me do the preview on the #2 monitor. If I can do this it would save the step of burning a DVD and trying that. I have DVD capability on the TV itself and a stand alone DVD player but if I can make the Tv/second monitor handle the preview that would streamline my projects a bit.

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          Sure you can. In Encore go to Edit->Preferences->Audio/Video_Out. Click on Video Output Device. Click External Device - If your TV or 2nd monitor is connected it should be listed here, select it and press OK. Click the Preview button and your video will be playing on your secondary monitor/TV fullscreen.

          Premiere -  Click the drop down button in your program monitor to reveal the options, select Playback Settings, choose your monitor in External Device, click OK and you're done. You should now have your video fullscreen on your secondary monitor.

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            newwoodworker Level 1

            Thanks! I thought I had tried that but probably missed something along the way. I'll go back and try to keep my "smart" engaged all the way through this time! (and printed your answer out just in case)

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              animationlife Level 1

              Thanks for this Tip. I also have Two Monitors, and I did choose the External Device- Monitor 2.

              The only Issue I have is It fills up the whole screen of my Second Monitor. Is there any wayI can adjust the 2nd Monitor so I can play with the size of the video.



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                newwoodworker Level 1

                I should note for the dummies like me that while selecting the 2nd monitor works very well, that change is only for the video being worked on as far as I can tell. Make the preview monitor change in either Encore or Premiere Pro and save the file being edited. Then when you come back to that job, the preview is on the other monitor.

                If I am wrong on this, please be gentle.

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                  Jim_Simon Level 9
                  It fills up the whole screen of my Second Monitor.


                  That is the very point of having an external monitor.  You want it displaying a real TV signal, not a VfW or DirectShow or other type of computer signal, which would be required to do what you ask.