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    Tree: How can I find a node from attribute value?

      Hi all ,
      I have a large xml (about 3,000 nodes). You can see the format to the attached code bellow.
      I use the tree component as the contents of a book, so I have chapters, subchapters etc.
      My answer is how can I find (search) using xPath or other way, a node from the attribute's value?
      i.e. I search using the string "2.3" and I want to get the node CHAPTER 2 / SUBCHAPTER 3

      Thanks in advance for any available help.
      I would appreciate any example found to this community.
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          Assuming the data nodes are children of the root node:


          <node label="chapter 1" value="1">
          <node label="subchapter 1" value="1.1"/>
          <node label="subchapter 2" value="1.2"/>
          <node label="subchapter 3" value="1.3"/>
          <node label="subchapter 4" value="1.4"/>
          <node label="chapter 2" value="2">
          <node label="subchapter 1" value="2.1"/>
          <node label="subchapter 2" value="2.2"/>
          <node label="subchapter 3" value="2.3"/>
          <node label="subchapter 4" value="2.4"/>