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    Flash Builder Errors When Editing a Flash Professional File

    DavidSalahi Level 1

      I'm having lots of problems trying to use Flash Builder 4.51 as my code editor from Flash Professional CS5.5. My immediate problem is a constant stream of pop-up "Problem Occurred" dialog boxes in Flash Builder which make it impossible to do any work.


      The message specifics vary a little but the title bar says "Problem Occurred" and inside the dialog box it says '[something] has encountered a problem." The [something] varies but is commonly "Finding occurrences" even though I'm not trying to search for anything at the moment. If I click the Details button the additional info is something like:

      An internal error occurred during: "_imageWidth".


      Right now, I'm trying to find all references to a specific variable, _imageWidth, so it says:

      '_imageWidth' has encountered a problem.

      An internal error occurred during: "_imageWidth".


      When I click OK the dialog goes away and 0 references are reported but that is wrong. The var does exist and there are references. A few seconds after clicking OK the same error box pops up again. I click OK and a few seconds later it's back. Like I said, it's impossible to get any work done.


      If, instead of searching for references, I do a text search the error is 'Finding occurrences' has encountered a problem. Again, the error dialog pops up incessantly.


      This is in a new Flash Builder 4.51 workspace with only a single project. Here is the procedure I used to create it:

      1. Create a folder inside my workspace
      2. Copy Flash Professional .FLA file and its associated ActionScript classes into the project folder; change the Flash Pro publish settings to permit debugging
      3. Create a new Flash Builder Flash Professional project in that folder, targeting the FLA file
      4. Create a Debug Configuration targeting an existing HTML file in the folder


      With this procedure I'm able to edit and debug from Flash Builder for a few minutes. But before long an onslaught of popups begins. At that point, there's no way to accomplish any work. Restarting Flash Builder doesn't help either.


      Is there any way to make this work?

      David Salahi