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      I am running Windows XP SP3 -- I recently purchased a Kobo and have had numerous problems.  I have had to authorize two different Kobos on the Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) program.  I have had to do numerous factory resets on two Kobos, and each time I had to authorize the Kobo on ADE.  Searching through postings, I saw that one person had success in uninstalling and reinstalling ADE.  I tried this.

      Now I cannot authorize the second Kobo.  I get the message


      E_ACT_TOO_MANY_ACTIVATIONS http://adeactivate.adobe.com/adept/Activate 5057:57:6057 urn:uuid:03a8f4b4-be14-405f-b063-2d70c10e4727


      and when I try to proceed by logging into Adobe, I get the message


      Error Communicating with AdobeID Server. Please try again




      My firewall is configured to allow all ADE communications.  I have not changed the settings on my virus checker (AVG) since the time that I first got the authorizations.


      I have read some of the postings, but most are too technical for me...one talked about opening Keychain Access etc.


      None of the books that I have tried to load onto the Kobo have had any Digital Rights -- they are all free books from Project Gutenberg or some of the free ones from Baen books.


      Do I even need to go through ADE to load on public domain epub books?


      How do I proceed?  Any suggestions would be very helpful.