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    Best codec to Export AVCHD for Storage on Blu-ray

    mdsunc30 Level 1

      I'm just beginning to edit with Premiere Pro CS5 and I'm working with AVCHD footage natively for the first time (previously used FCP).  I just shot a wedding and the client would like the Raw Footage that I shot.  Normally I would just copy the AVCHD folders onto blu-ray discs and burn them as data discs with no issue.  However, the Ceremony lasted longer than anticipated, so I have three 32GB cards that were filled up to about 26 GB (with only one clip on each camera as they just rolled the whole time.  I actually have about an hour on each card that's worthless because the ceremony started an hour late since I did not have another Camera Op to go to the balcony to turn them off and back on.)


      Instead of having to buy 50GB blu-ray discs (which I believe are a good bit more expensive than the 25GB discs I have), I would like to bring the AVCHD files into Premiere Pro, edit out the worthless hour of footage, then export it to a format that I can give to them on 25GB Blu-ray Discs.  I have not figured out if I can export AVCHD footage and create new AVCHD files.  I'm guessing that is not possible, and if it is not, what would be a recommended format to export to?


      Basically I just need something that will be less than double the AVCHD file size and is an editable format that the client could potentially use again for editing if they want.  My first thought was ProRes but I know that will be way too large.  I've not worked with XDCAM, so I'm wondering if there is a type of XDCAM that might fit my situation?  I'm open to any and all suggestions!