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    Datagrid combobox as itemrenderer problem.

    Sathyamoorthi Level 2

      Hi All,


           I have different problem. i have a datagrid with10-20 rows. Different item renderers in all columns(6 - 10 columns). In that a single column has combobox as item rederer.


           I have to serve different dataprovider for each row's combobox. I assigned dataprovider by overriding data property. is this right?.


           while my datagrid has scrollbar frequently my rows are refreshing. This makes bad my app.


           Please help me.

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          saisri2k2 Level 4

          Yes, what you are doing is right, if you think that once the data provider is set on the combobox, and it does not change(except the selected value) then do not assign the data provider from override.


          I would create a dirty flag in the combo itemrend and set this to true once the dataprovider is set on the combo, and will not set the dp again when the override data is called by looking at this dirty flag.