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    pre 9: black video, only sound.


      I used to use premiere many years ago, but this newest version is totally different from what i've used in the past, so bear with me.

      here's my problem: When editing my video, I can cut and rearange clips pretty easily, everything seems to be working fine, however when i go to render the final product, or apply any sort of effects (i'm trying to keep my edits simple for now, but in the future i'm going to need to be able to green screen, color correct, and other effects) I end up with a black video and only audio. this loss is permanetly part of the project, even if i re-load another save. (edit: never mind this bit, i can re-load just fine) it seems to only occur when i have a lot of clips, since if i just apply filters or render raw footage it seems to work just fine.


      my machine, though certainly not top of the line is pretty respectable, Its only a few months old and will play any game with full graphics settings (i'm a gamer so this is my best point of reference, I know video editing can be more taxing) specs:

      AMD phenom X4 3.4 ghz

      4 gigs of ram

      NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 (with latest drivers, i updated them about 20 minutes ago)

      windows 7 64 bit


      I don't really know much about video files (there's so many variations!) so here is the properties window:

      type of file: Movie Clip (.MPG)


      I've tried a few different presets with this file and all of them get the same results. I tried standard dv 48hz, whatever the default was, and the standard 48hz under the hard drive (since it mentioned sony cameras and that's the brand i'm using)


      I'm really at a loss of what to do, but i would be happy to provide any further info if you think you could help me.

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          What kind of camcorder did your video come from and how did you get it into your comptuer?


          When you set up your Premiere Elements project, which project settings did you select?


          If you're looking for some basic how-tos for using the program as well as information on how to properly set up a project, checck out my free 8-part Basic Training tutorials at Premiere Elements support site Muvipix.com.


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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            The MPEG is but a wrapper, like AVI, WMV or MOV. It is what's inside, that counts. This ARTICLE will give you details, and tell you how to peek inside the wrapper.


            Matching your Project's Preset to your Source Footage is very important. Does yours match 100%?


            Also, MPEG uses GOP structure, so cutting it, can present another issue, but if Imported correctly into a Project, set to match, the material should be converted to I-frame, by PrE, to allow frame-accurate cutting. This ARTICLE will give you more info on GOP.


            Good luck,



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              evilkear Level 1

              Thanks for the help guys. I got the project set up correctly, and all seems to be in order. I also think there may have been issues with converting when rendering the final product, but I could be wrong on that.


              also thanks for the tip on mpeg and GOP, i have noticed in the past that editing files from this camera can lead to the sound and video getting out of sync. oh and to answer your question, it's just a simple sony point-and-shoot that i was editing for this particular footage, though I also have a flip (and I did see that there are settings for my flip)