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    Can't export MP3 audio from Premiere Elements 9


      I want to export the audio from my movie.  The File, Export option appears to be unavailable, regardless of what I do; I saw elsewhere on the forum that all exporting is now done through the Share tab, and referring to PE8, the post recommended the "share to computer" tab.  Under advanced options, I set the audio to be exported as an MP3, with no video.  However, the "advanced" button leads to a screen with 3 tabs: "Format," "Video," and "Audio."  I can make those changes under the "Audio" tab with no problem, and because I have chosen to export only the audio, there is no information under the "video" tab.  The problem is that the "Format" tab only gives me two options, ".flv" and ".fl4" or something like that, and the resulting file appears to be a 7 second long, blank and silent video, played by Windows Live Movie Maker.  How can I get my audio exported?

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Are you using version 8 or version 9? It's hard to tell because you reference both.


          In version 9, if you go to the Share tab and select the Computer option, you'll be taken to a screen with seven output options.


          Audio wil be listed as your last option. (You do have to click on the Audio listing to select it.) and MP3s are certainly among the options listed on the Preset menu.


          If you can't see it, you need to scroll down or resize your panels -- or your computer monitor may not be large enough. But it's there.

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            You need to choose the MPEG Export/Share option, and not the Flash Media option.


            If you have issues going to MP3, you can Export/Share to PCM/WAV, and then use the great, free audio-editing program, Audacity to do the MP3.


            One last thing, MP3 is heavily compressed, so it might not be the ideal format to Export/Share to, depending on what you want to do with it. What is your final use?


            Good luck,



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              In the Share menu, choose theComputer option.


              In the new panel that pops up, you will find a list of export types.  At the very bottom is Audio.  Choose this.


              You will have a choice of Presets show up.  You may choose AAC, MP3 or waveform output.  The MP3 high quality is 256-bit.  The medium quality is, I think, 128-bit, could be 164-bit - you can check by examining the profile.


              It works well!

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