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    Copying Bitmaps from Photoshop to Flash

    Ninarama Level 1

      There are a few things I really miss or find quite annoying when copying Bitmaps from Photoshop to Flash.

      Life could be so much easier, but well, as so often, it isn't, because:


      • Why is the alpha channel discarded? I mean you can copy whole Ilustrator-Selections to Flash, but you can't copy an alpha channel in a bitmap from Photoshop
      • What about this (stupid) dpi-inclusion? Flash is a pixel-based application. It does not really help if you find a bitmap in the flash IDE library which natively has odd dimensions like 273.45 x 81.28 and you aren't able to change that in the properties. you could as well just delete this bitmap again, because bitmaps with odd dimensions and DPI don't really help in Flash (well this may be another case with bitmaps which are a part of a whole collection like when importing AI-content. But for a single bitmap?)


      Is there at least an option to turn-of the DPI-conversion for single Bitmaps?

      I think otherwise the DPI settings for the flash document and the settings in the PSD document should match. But that would be really tedious.


      I always use a freeware program like irfanview to lose the extra DPI information which is just a big annoyance in many situations.


      Well, that's about it