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    adjusting clip start without affecting transition


      I'm using CS5 in a PC running Windows 7


      I want to adjust the beginning of a clip that has a transition from another clip.  Here's what I do.


      1) drag the beginning point of the clip to the right to start that clip at a later point.  This loses the transition and creates a gap between the clips that were formerly up against each other.

      2) drag the whole clip back up against the previous clip

      3) reapply the transition by dragging it from the Effects pain.


      This seems like a real waste of time and is a pain in the neck because I often have to adjust this kind of thing.


      There must be a way to change the start/end points of a clip without affecting the transition or having to redrag the clip to its original start time in the timeline.


      I tried dragging the timeline clip back to the Source pain thinking that if I adjusted it there it would automatically adjust it in the timeline but when i clicked on a new start point for the clip in the source window, the clip disappeared from the timeline.