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    stage scaling.

    atar11 Level 1

      Hello there!!  Why does when I test my flash pro project movie and I enlarge the movie's window, the projector shows me also the items that I placed outside of the stage? I remember from the firsts lessons when I started to learn flash pro, that any item who placed outside of the stage won't be shown at the final movie?




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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          When you test in Flash it will open to the size of the movie (if there's enough room for it based on where you left the window).  If you try to expand the size of the window, it will noe adjust to fit, it will remain the same size.


          If you test an swf directly in a browser, the swf will expand proportionally to fit the window, but if the swf does not fit exactly in the browser window, anything that is offstage in the remaining section of the window will display.


          The only times when you will only see what is on the stage is when you test in Flash and leave the player window alone, or if you embed the swf in an html web page and play it in a browser.

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            atar11 Level 1

            thanks you about your answer, but unfortunately, I still didn't understand what should I do in order that the content which reside out of the stage won't be displayed although the user enlarge the window of the SWF file projector.


            Wait for your response ASAP!!


            Thanks in advance!!