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    Having trouble reducing PDF file size on export

    Saki Haryayin

      Hi, I recently switched from Quark to InDesign and am having trouble figuring out how to reduce the size of a PDF on export.


      The file has about 200 pages with about 300 EPS files, which are approximately 30-40K each. The file uses fewer than 10 fonts, all from two font families (Bembo Std and Univers Std). When I created a similar file in Quark, the exported PDF is ~5MG. However, when I export the file I created in InDesign, the PDF is 10xs larger (~50MG). I tried exporting using the High Quality Print and Smallest File Size settings, but the result was the same. (I think that is because there are no JPG images to compress, just vector files which are already tiny.)


      If you have any suggestions for other settings to check, I would be grateful for the help. Overall, other than this issue, I have been extremely happy with InDesign.


      I am using CS5, v 7.0.4 on Mac OS X (10.6.8, Snow Leopard)


      Thank you,