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    video card worthy?

    newwoodworker Level 1

      I am running a Dell Studio XPS 8000 with a Nvidia Ge Force GTS 240 graphics card and while all seems to be working, I wonder if I am missing out on something in Premiere Pro 5.5 with this card?

      One problem I am having is that it does not have plain HDMI plugs but rather two DVI plugs. I got a cable that converts that to an HDMI plug but then I lose audio because the TV/monitor shuts off the other audio inputs when an HDMI plug is in place. running the DVI to the VGA plug ont he tv/monitor works and I can get video but then I am not seeing the image as clearly.

      I am not shooting HD just yet but will before long. I am using a Canon GL2 right now but I know that HD is in my future.

      Do I stick with this card, get something with a bit more poop behind it or what?
      I have looked at all sorts of graphics threads, been scanning the approved card list by adobe but I don;t really understand what my current card is lacking if anything.

      Consider this a punt of sorts.

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          Zoop studio

          Your Dell is under powered for CS5.5  and HD or AVCHD footage and your videocard needs to have gddr 5 type of memory (1000 mb or more) and Cuda cores (200 - 500 cudacores also known as Unified shaders)

          Like GTX 460/470/480/560/570/580 for Mercury playback engine


          Search at this great forum for Harm Millaards arts about PC specs, disk set up etc.

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            newwoodworker Level 1

            Thanks. I had a feeling that a new video card was in my future.

            5.5 has been running fine (and quick) with everything as is but I am going to start hunting a new graphics card to step it up some to be more ready when I go to HD.


            Thanks again.

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              newwoodworker Level 1

              I am looking at the 570 card at the link below. I think it meets everything specified in the earlier response. Am I missing anything here?



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                Zoop studio Level 1

                Good news, thanks to Bill Gehrke and studio 1(I forgot about their research on videocards using CS5/5.5)

                You can use cheaper cards who will perform as well as the high end cards aslong they have 96 cudacores or more and GDDR 5 memory

                Like the gtx550.

                Here's a nice article:


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                  newwoodworker Level 1

                  I see that those cards show PCI Express 2.0. I have PCI Express X1 and PCI Express X16. Are those slots compatible with a PCI Express 2.0 card?

                  (I'm just happy that I knew where the PCI slots were!)

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                    Zoop studio Level 1

                    Check your Dell.

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                      RjL190365 Level 4

                      Yes, the PCI Express x16 slot is fully PCI Express 2.0 compliant. The x1 slot is technically PCI-e 2.0; however, that slot is only half-duplex (data transfers through that slot can only travel in one direction at a time) making the maximum practical bandwidth of that slot only PCI-e 1.x level. This is due to that system's P55 chipset (remember, the XPS 8000 is an LGA 1156 platform, which is seriously limited in potential expansion capability even compared to Sandy Bridge, let alone LGA 1366).


                      As for that system's GeForce GTS 240, it is already sitting in the x16 slot. To upgrade the GPU, you will need to uninstall the graphics drivers from that system and swap out the cards, then install the drivers for the newer card. The GTS 240 itself is an old GPU by today's standards, dating all the way back to the GeForce 8800 GT of 2007. The GTS 240 (not to be confused with the GT 240) is basically a GTS 250 (which is itself a renamed 9800 GTX+) with 16 of its 128 CUDA cores disabled (thus with only 112 CUDA cores) and lower GPU and shader clock speeds. Like all G92 GPUs, it is hobbled by its use of only DDR3 graphics RAM.

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                        newwoodworker Level 1

                        Thanks a lot!

                        I know the Dell isn't the most powerful machine out there but I keep it very clean and only use it with Photoshop and Premiere Pro. I have everything else on other computers in the office to keep this one as uncluttered as I can. That seems to be working as it runs very well, super stable with the Adobe programs that I do run on it and it seems pretty quick as it is now. I know I am lacking on the graphics card though so will do that for the time being. Maybe later I can get a killer box but right now money says to stick with the card.


                        Thanks again

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                          newwoodworker Level 1

                          Well, I stareted running HD video through Premiere Pro on the Dell and it seems to be clicking along just fine. I intetionally doubled and then tripled the number of clips on one timeline and that did get it to bog but just slightly. I am still thinkiong of adding a better video card to try and give it a little boost. With the budget as it is right now (bought a Canon XA10, love it) I need to make this computer live for a while if I can. If a better video card will tweak it towards the good side I'll do that. I have a list of the Nivida-based cards that are "approved" for Premeire Pro that someone here sent me so will shop off of that list.