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    Multiple Secondary Color Correction Possible?

    Keith Moreau Level 1

      I'm having a strange problem trying to use the secondary color correction inside the 3 way color corrector. It seems to work ok for the 1st filter, but if I try to use it for a a second or more instance of the filter, it seems to behave strangely or not at all.


      I can select a color using the eyedropper, and sometimes it will show up in the color swatch, sometimes not.


      If I chose to show the 'mask' of the results, it will usually show the clip as white in the program monitor, so I can't see where I'm masking.

      I have a feeling that this might have to do with multiple masks interacting with the secondary color correction, and they somehow counteract each other. It doesn't seem very intuitive about how to fix it though.


      I'm also noticing pretty intense banding with the 3 way, I know I can smooth it with the other controls in the color corrector, but I'm also wondering if this might have to do with some secret sequence or screen preview setting that I may have read about before.


      Thanks for any advice.