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    Adding section to active page

    Petteri_Paananen Level 4



      I´m trying to create a very simple javascript for adding new section to active page. So far I have made following code:


      var myDoc = app.activeDocument;
      var numero = app.activeWindow.activePage.name;
      var numero2 = numero -1;


      It basically works as it should, whren I double-click some page thumbnail in pages panel, that page will become active... and if I run the script at that point it usually adds section to active page pretty nicely....


      However, if I use that script with Configurator 2.0 and create a custom panel, with Add a section button (where I have attached that same javascript) InDesign starts to throw me some weird alert:




      If I answer yes, script will work as it should, but I would like to make it work so that users won´t get that alert at all....

      If I run that scrpt from Scripts panel, it works without alerts...


      Another thing I have tried to figure out is how to create some kind of error handler that would stop the script if active page already has a section start, now script generates a javascript error in those cases.... it would be more classy if simply nothing happened....



      Any help appreciated.... thanks

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          John Hawkinson Level 5

          Does it work better with?:


          var numero = app.activeDocument.layoutWindows[0].activePage.name;


          just a guess.

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            Petteri_Paananen Level 4

            No, it gives me same alert... thanks anyway....=)

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              Harbs. Level 6

              I have not played with Configurator much.


              One thing you can try is using app.documents[0] instead of activeDcoument.


              You can also wrap the whole thing in a try/catch. This would probably solve both of your issues in one go...



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                John Hawkinson Level 5

                In case it wasn't clear, if you

                try {
                } catch (e) {
                  $.writeln("Error "+e.message+" at line "+e.line);


                then you'll know what it is complaining about, instead of being a mystery.

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                  Petteri_Paananen Level 4

                  Thanks guys...=) but no luck here....


                  And I noticed something quite weird. This script is meant to use with single pages, but when I accidentally used it with facing pages spreads, I got that same alert + script changed the way page numbers are marked below thumbs:




                  It replaced 10-11 with 10,11


                  I also tried


                  try {
                  var myDoc = app.documents[0];
                  var numero = app.documents[0].layoutWindows[0].activePage.name;
                  var numero2 = numero -1;
                  } catch (e)
                  {  $.writeln("Error "+e.message+" at line "+e.line);}


                  But I still have that same alert.... When I run that code in Extend Script ToolKit, I got following javascrip console message:


                  Error undefined is not an object at line 2
                  Result: undefined

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                    Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                    It replaced 10-11 with 10,11


                    nothing weird here: 10-11 means, that the whole spread belongs to a single section.
                    Now, after adding a new section at page 11, InDesign indicates with the comma between the page numbers that the spread belongs to two sections.
                    A second indicator is the tiny triangle at top of page 11.


                    See also the following screen shot where one spread contains 4 pages and is part of three sections:






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                      John Hawkinson Level 5
                      try {

                      var myDoc = app.documents[0];


                      Error undefined is not an object at line 2

                      Well, clearly you don't have an app.documents[0];. Perhaps app is wrong, or app.documents is wrong. So try printing out a bunch of these things to find out. Check app.reflect.properties and app.documents.length and all that stuff... Maybe even try BridgeTalk (shudder).

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                        Petteri_Paananen Level 4


                        Thanks for the clarification...=) InDesign is amazing peace of software, I have used it since version one (and even written 4 books about it) and still sometimes I learn something new. I have used sections many many times but I have never noticed that behaviour...



                        I have to study this little further. My problem is that I´m really a newbie with javascript. I have done quite a lot ActionScript but it´s just different enough to drive me crazy sometimes...=)


                        Thanks anyway to everyone.....