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    EXCHANGE won't connect in Extension Mgr

    BizzyWizz Level 1

      I'm having the following problems.

      1.  Extension Manager wouldn't 'install' a couple of extensions into Photoshop last night.  I can see them in the Extension Manager and they are "enabled', but won't install into the Photoshop/presets/tools, etc.


      2.  I couldn't get it to work, so I uninstalled the program and then went to Adobe and reinstalled Extension Manager.  Now Extension Manager's "Exchange" button nor the " File/Go to Adobe Exchange" will even connect.


      3.  I've uninstalled and installed several times and still nothing.


      Anyone have any suggestions?  I've tried all the "help" buttons on the product, but -- needless to say -- they don't help at all.  There isn't anything there about troubleshooting and trying to get any help from Adobe is useless.  I typically have to go to other web forums to find answers to problems with Adobe.  You would think a company that seemly puts out useful products would be more intune to the issues and problems their customers have.  With that said, if there are any development companies out thinking about building similar software, if great support were provided, you'd have a gold mine of customers.  I'd switch in a heartbeat!


      I'm running Windows 7 Home Edition and have Adobe CS5.5.  I'm currently trying to connect with Explorer, but have also tried Chrome.  I'm very frustrated at how difficult this is to try to figure out why it's not working!  Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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          Guo Liu

          Hi, BizzyWizz


          Please see our comments below:


          1. Please provide which language you are using, including the language of Windows, Photoshop and Extension Manager.


          2. For the photoshop extension, please attach the .mxi file as an attachment of this forum or paste the content of the .mxi file of a typical extension, so that we could make analysis on it. About where to find the .mxi file, please following this steps:

              1) If your extension is with .zxp format, please unpack it with file archiver tools like 7zip. Then yo will find the mxi file inside.

              2) If your extension is with .mxp format, please install it with Extension Manager, and find the mxi file from "C:\Users\Public\Roaming\Adobe\Extension Manager"


          3. For the ExChange website, first please try to access this URL directly with your browser: http://www.adobe.com/go/exchange/

              If the above link could be opened, then please try to access the Exchange website from Extension Manager, and tell us the full address it redirects to.




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            BizzyWizz Level 1

            1.  Language is English, if that's what you're asking.  Or, Windows 7 Home

            Edition, Photoshop 12.1 and the Extension Manager I just downloaded from the

            Adobe site, so should be the lastest one.  Photoshop is the latest version

            and part of the CS5.5 web premium edition.


            2.  What I'm trying to install is a brush set from John Derry with

            Lynda.com.  He has a new video on the front page of Lynda.com for painting

            with Photoshop and these are included as the free brush set.  I even tried

            the manual installation of these brushes and they don't show up in

            Photoshop's preset list  even though I can see them now in the

            C:Programs/adobe/presets/tools etc.  I can actually LOAD them into photoshop

            manually.  This isn't the only time I've had problems trying to get sort of

            extension -- from the Adobe Exchange -- or elsewhere into the actual

            application.  I tried again last night to go to Adobe Exchange and download

            something for Dreamweaver.  That I got to work -- downloaded it, unzipped

            it, installed it through Extension Manager and it was in Dreamweaver.  So,

            it seems it's sporatic.


            3.  The connection to the Exchange doesn't work in Extension Manager.  I can

            get there directly through the web, however.


            It would be really nice if Adobe had an easy to use support system for these

            type of problems.  It's so difficult to try to find any type of answer of

            their website and waiting for someone to answer via a forum takes a lot of

            time and a lot of back and forth.  If anyone's ever used the newer CMS

            called Concrete5, they have a really great forum and some of the developers

            monitor the site and respond and that's free source.  With what we pay for

            Adobe's software, there should be a year of direct support included either

            via phone, live chat or e-mail.


            Thank you for trying to help me on this.  I've loaded them into PS manually

            and got it to work that way.  But it would be nice if I could have them

            permanently in the dropdown boxes.  It may also be something to do with the

            creation of the brushes for the reason they won't drop in.  But the video

            shows they worked on the author's PS perfectly, but who knows.

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              Guo Liu Level 1



              First, thank you very much for your feedback and suggestions on our way of help, we appreciate that. Acctually we aleady have a plan to improve this, it would be delivered later.


              Now go back to your problem:

              1, For the PS extensions you mentioned in your last post, I found one extension from John Derry with Lynda.com, hope that's the one you were using.

              http://www.lynda.com/Photoshop-CS5-tutorials/Transforming-a-Photo-into-a-Painting-with-Pho toshop/83090-2.html?srchtrk=index%3A1%0Alinktypeid%3A2%0Aq%3AJohn%20Derry%0Apage%3A1%0As%3 Arelevance%0Asa%3Atrue%0Aproducttypeid%3A2


              I'v tried to install the extension from my site, here are the destination files installed by this extension, please check if they are same with your site:

              C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS5.1\Presets\Actions\John's Cloning Layers LE 1.1.atn
              C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS5.1\Presets\Color Swatches\John's Artist's Brushes LE_Colors.aco
              C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS5.1\Presets\Patterns\John's Artist's Brushes LE_Canvas.pat
              C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS5.1\Presets\Tools\John's Artist's Brushes LE_AP.tpl
              C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS5.1\Presets\Tools\John's Artist's Brushes LE_GP.tpl


              2, For the Exchange button in Extension Manager, from your last post, it seems that you still could NOT access the exchange website via clicking the Exchange button embedded in Extension Manager directly. Please help to tell us which URL it's opening when you click the Exchange button.




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                BizzyWizz Level 1

                Yes, those are the exact extensions he's using and that I tried to install

                using Extension Manager.  They wouldn't install via Extension Manager, so I

                put them into Photoshop's directory on my C drive in the Presents File and

                then into each respective category.  They aren't showing in the actual

                Photoshop application when I click on the Preset Tool, but I can load them

                manually using the LOAD button.  Maybe it's a problem with hos these

                particular presents were developed, I don't know.


                The EXCHANGE button in Extensions Manager doesn't do anything when I click

                on it.  It turns 'orange', but that's it.  It doesn't respond at all.


                I very happy to hear that support is being improved.  Adobe has great

                products, but when there's a problem, it's extremely difficult to get help.

                Also, the on-line manuals aren't very beginner/user friendly.  I actually

                printed down the entire manual for Fireworks and thought I'd be able to

                figure out how to do some things using the manual.  It was so difficult to

                understand -- lack of examples, screen prints, etc. -- that I've found

                Lynda.com and some other on-line sources to be much better.  Even YouTube

                has some videos that help explain things better.  Maybe Adobe could contract

                with Lynda.com and use their info and then take what they do and put it into

                a step-by-step manual.  That's really the only thing Lynda.com is missing is

                the step-by-step printed info in manual format.  They have the transcripts

                available, but a printed "how-to" would be much appreciated.  I think

                Lynda.com has some direct connection to Adobe because they're authors

                certainly seem to fully understand these products and what they can and

                can't do.   I pay monthly for Lynda on their premium plan so I can download

                the exercise files and it's well worth it.  If Adobe had something similar

                where you could pay a small fee (i.e., $25 to $40) a month for even directly

                e-mail or on-line chat for problems, I'd sign up.  The current support

                system seems very expensive and there's no indication on how good it is.  I

                had mentioned before how good Concrete5's on-line forum is for getting

                help -- they're free source, but they're really good.  Just some thoughts.


                Again, thank you for taking the time to look at this.  It's great to have

                the Adobe Exchange, but it does seem difficult to actually get the items

                into the applicable programs and get them working.  Seems like a lot of

                steps.  I think one of the most confusing that I've been reading in forums

                is that the exchange items are all zipped and I had initially thought that

                they would drop into the Extension Manager in zip format and then extension

                manager would unzip them, but I guess I was wrong.  I've now found I need to

                unzip them, save and then use the 'install' on extension manager.  If that's

                even correct.

                Maybe some step-by-step with screen prints that we could print off the Adobe

                site on how to actually do this step-by-step.  I'm sure once you 'know' what

                you're doing and doing it a couple of times, it's really simple.  But

                getting to the 'simple' has not been so simple.   -Missy

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                  Guo Liu Level 1



                  Thanks for you suggestion about the way of help. From my position, I can only answer your technical problems.


                  1. For the extension you downloaded, after being installed by Extension Manager, please check if the five destination files are copied into correct place. I've listed the destination paths on my PC in my last post, pleach check yours. If all the five files were placed into correct location, then I think the task of Extension Manager is done.


                  2. For the Exchange behavior, it seems that Extension Manager can't launch your default browser to open the Exchang website. There should be some problem about your PC settings, maybe the firewall, etc. You can try to switch the default browser to another one, to see if it works.