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    Disappearing Illustrator layers

    Navarro Parker Level 3

      This one has me stumped.


      An Illustrator file imported as a comp with layers set to document size. I turn on Continuous Rasterize on all layers in that comp. I put that comp into another comp. All 2D layers, no 3D.


      I need continuous rasterize on, but layers disappear. Turning cont rasterize off gives the correct appearance, but is too jaggy to use.

      Each layer has a Radial Wipe applied. Now I know the whole thing about using pixel effects on vector layers. That's why I imported as Document Size, so the XY coordinates for the effect would have the same canvas size. But what I can't figure out is that it works and looks just fine on some layers. And other layers, that layer is just completely invisible.


      The Illustrator file is already 8000 pixels wide, so exporting a 2X or 4X raster of this map kinda scares me.