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    problem adding interaction in CS 5.5 trial

    Viro.I Level 1



      I have installed (twice) the Flash Catalyst 5.5 trial and still can not resolve this problem: after selecting a component (and with at least two states/pages) the

      "Add Interaction" button in the INTERACTIONS panel does not populate any options in the CHOOSE STATE drop down menu. I can't point to any states.


      Is this a bug (in the TRIAL) or am I missing something that needs to happen first?




      PS: I'd be surprised if this basic work flow has changed (it's so straight forward in CS 5) , and I haven't seen anything in the current documentation, either in the help or on adobe TV tutorials that contradict this procedure.

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          Viro.I Level 1

          Thanks to another poster and the answer below I have figured out that the problem was in fact of my own making. Another case of RTFM!

          I still don't understand why this implementation was made, although I'm sure it extends the functionality of this application. Anybody?




          In Flash Catalyst 5.5, you need to change the Choose Target menu to Application, then the next drop down list will populate with the State names, select the state that you want, and click OK. You can control when this happens further by using the When in Any State menu. That menu will allow you automatically restrict which state it works in.


          Hope this helps