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    Livecycle Designer form distribution - bound fields blank


      PDF forms created in Livecycle Designer have bindings of some form fields and an XML data source (Livecycle Preview looks great).  When I make  user-like data entry into the form as it is displayed in Lifecycle  Preview, it behaves as I would expect at the user end after distribution . When submitted  from Livecycle Preview it generates an email with an attached XML  document representative of the entered data. My problem is that  switching back to the Livecycle  Design, saving the form, closing  Livecycle, opening the form in Adobe Acrobat 8, enabling usage rights in  Adobe Reader , and finally distributing the document, it arrives at the  user end and is displayed as it is in Livecycle Design View (None of the bound fields are visible and the flowable form is not "flowed". I looks exactly like the Licecycle Design View.