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    Previewing Primary Layout and losing topics

      I have had two issues creating a project with RoboHelp. 1) Sometimes from out of the blue, as I am working on a topic, i will get an error message saying that Robohelp has encountered a problem and must close. When I do close and open up, I have "lost" many of my folders and topics which were previously saved. They are still in the Robohelp directory, but no longer appear in the topic list. The actions I was doing when this problem occured (and has happened multiple times) are: saving all, closing the project, closing the program, and once when I was copying and pasting text from one RH topic to another.

      The second issue I have is when I preview the project, not all pages are viewable. I have noticed that the ones that are viewable are saved in the SSL folder, but the ones that are not are not saved in the SSL. And i can't copy and paste the file into the SSl folder. It seems that RoboHelp is not saving the topics properly.

      Am I doing something wrong or am I nuts or is it RH that is nuts? Does anybody have any suggestions that can help me?