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    Can 3D interactive models with a cartoon look be created in Adobe Flash?

    Mr. James Vagabond

      I am trying to create this igoogle gadget that is like a virtual pet. I know that there are some that have already been created like dogs, cats, etc.

      Basically they have the ability to follow the mouse cursor around with their eyes and some of them even follow the mouse by kind of chasing/jumping at it, etc. I noticed that when the animal is moving around, it is like a 3D model and they usually have a cartoonish look that I have not really seen in Flash before. Is flash able to create cartoon like creatures? I am also wondering if I could have the animal do certain actions when the mouse is not active(like when you are afk)? I am guessing that actionscript can be used to have the animal do things when the mouse is moving, clicked or when inactive as well?