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    Question about guides

    chirrchirr Level 1

      Hi, my name is Quin and I am in the process of designing a vegetable seed package for my organic seed company. I'm using InDesign CS5 (7.0.3) with my MacBook (running the last version of Snow Leopard). I've designed the label size to match the size of the envelopes I want to print on directly but after the initial printing I've discovered there are some idiosyncracies in the envelope itself. For instance, because of how the envelope is glued together i need to redesign the label so the printer won't print where the glue points overlap. Anyway, this has necessitated me to measure out the envelope and leave the appropriate space in the design. I've been trying to discover a simple way in InDesign in which I can use the guides feature to mark out the space that I can't print over, so when I am doing the layout work I will know where to avoid placing objects. Naturally I assumed the guides feature would help me, however, every time I use guides I cannot seem to use multiple guides simultaneously, and the help files in InDesign. For instance, I can drag a horizontal guide out but then it disappears the second I attempt to select another object. Additionally, it would be nice to have two guide lines (vertical horizontal), or more, even, and yet I am baffled as to how to do that. The InDesign help file related to guides doesn't address any of these issues. The only other options I am aware of is creating some kind of grid with multiple rows and columns, and this doesn't seem to be suitable for the task at hand.


      Would anyone on this forum be willing to educate me as to how i might be able to go about creating guide lines that stay visible and I can work with (but of course, won't print in the final version)? I imagine — am hoping, actually — there is probably some simple feature i am overlooking that will help me.


      Sincerely, an indesign newbie,