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    Tagging videos within the clip.... (database?)


      I've been looking for software/plugin associated with Premiere 5.0 that allows me to do the following:


      1)  Tag a portion of a video clip, for example a person's name (Basketball player) and/or the name of the school he attends.

      2)  It notes the name of the tag(s), as well as time in and time out.

      3)  Preferably stored in a database (one that I create and maintain).


      With that information, my hope is to be able refer to a tag and have every instance of this tag show in a list, and from there I could string any number of them together to create a file of those clips or even burn to a DVD.


      There is stand alone software that exists, such as XO's and a couple of others, but they are all geared toward big budget college and professional programs.  I have invested in Adobe CS5, and while I didn't do it thinking I would have that capability, it would be great to have without dropping another large chunk of changes.