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    Problems with subclips when playing a normal speed






      I'm using Windows 7, CS 5.5, HP Z600 + BlackMagic  DeckLink HD Extreme and La Cie 4big Quadra RAID 0 as setup. I have a strange behaviour in CS5.5 when I play subclips created from a uncompressed master clip (1080i YUV-8) capture with the BlackMagic. The sublicp has a duration of 12'' seconds, between second 28´´ and second 40´´ of the master clip.

      When I import the subclip to the source monitor and play it a normal speed (or using the shuttle slider) the playbak always reference to the initial point of the master clip (from the begining) , BUT if I use the jog disk the time code playback is correct , playing from second 28 to second 40.

      This strange behaviour only happen with this master clips (umcompressed YUV 8 1080i) ; if a make a subclip from a h.264 master clip it works as expected...

      I don't know if some one has suffer this problem ...


      Thanks in advance.