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    Version GTX580 advice wanted

    BITESBITER Level 1



      I'm buying a new computer for Production Suite CS5.5 and need advice for the GTX580 card I need to buy.


      I'm going to use Premiere-pro and After Effects.


      Footage comes from the Canon XF300 and I work in the highest resolution and speed (50Mbs).


      At the moment I use 2 Samsung SyncMaster 226 SW monitors.


      *GTX580 1536MB ASUS DCII/2DIS HDMI


      *GTX580 1536MB EVGA DDR5 HDMI 2DVI 


      *GTX580 1536MB Gainward Good 2xDV HD


      *GTX580 1536MB Palit DDR5 HDMI 2DVI


      *GTX580 3072MB Gainward Phantom


      *GTX580 3072MB Zotac