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    Someone can help me??



      I need help urgently. I work in a copy service. I have 520 pdf's and I need to process them all. A part of the work can be made with Enfocus Pitstop (PRO and SERVER), but not the other. I'll explain.

      These 520 files are for 520 different clients, and they are personalized. They have a variable number of pages, and sections (2 to 9). I must insert a title page (they are in another pdf, with 9 pages) before every section start, but the files haven't any bookmark, only the name of the section at one corner of every page. This name is unique and useful for a search (like "SHOP", "STORE", etc.). Then, I must print the files with this title pages in a special paper. I need a list with the position of these special pages. The best option is to write it in the first page (that I have previously inserted and marked with the name of the client - thanks, Enfocus!!!- in order to put the copies in the correct postal delivery), where I can copy and paste it in the driver of the printer.

      The "hand made solution" (print the files, print the special pages, and search one to one where I must insert them, can take me more time than I have for deliver the copies.

      I have made 5 or 6 inDesign javascripts , but I haven't idea how to afford this. Someone can give some clue or solution?

      Thanks for all, and sorry for my english!!