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    Unable to run project: illegal character in path - Flash Catalyst CS5.5


      Environment is a new install of Windows 7 x64 on a new Dell workstation in an Active Directory environment. Until fall of last year, we used redirected folders for the Application Data folders until issues with Adobe Reader 9.x forced us to abandon that and we reconfigured our network not to use redirected folders. We have not experienced any issues and all programs are using the Application Data folder on the local machines.

      Just installed Adobe Master Collection on a new workstation and all Adobe applications are using the C:\Users\cballew\AppData\Roaming\Adobe folder including Flash Catalyst. However, when I try to Run Project in Catalyst, it created a folder named Application Data using the network path to where we used to store the Application Data folder and is saving its workspace there. No other programs (including Adobe products) are doing this. Any ideads of how to fix it?

      Error message:

      Unable to run project

      Illegal character in path at index 47: file:///////xxxx.corp/home$/cballew/Application Data/Adobe/Flash Catalysts CS5.5/workspace/Project/bin-debug/Maim.html

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          craigballew Level 1

          This seems to be configured in an ini file located at C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Flash Catalyst CS5.5\configuration\config.ini


          osgi.instance.area.default=@user.home/Application Data/Adobe/Flash Catalyst CS5.5/workspace
          osgi.user.area=@user.home/Application Data/Adobe/Flash Catalyst CS5.5
          osgi.configuration.area=@user.home/Application Data/Adobe/Flash Catalyst CS5.5/configuration


          Can anyone tell me where the variable @user.home is defined and whether I can change it or not? I might find that some of the other applications might experience this same issue