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    mouse accidently dragging layers up and down in comp


      background info - just finished building a new Mac Pro system (from a refurbished august 2010 system - 2.8ghz quad core, 10 gig ram, ATI Radeon HD 5770, AJA Kona LHi, snow leopard) in our office and my boss started working on some AE projects in it.  This system is a step up in all aspects compared to the previous one he was using.  I installed all the updates to the OS and to adobe itself, made sure I was allocating the right amount of RAM and all the good stuff that usually causes problems on a fresh install.


      problem -  While working on some projects if he clicks a layer in his comp and then moves the mouse up or down the layer moves with it and gets rearranged in the comp.  We've seem to narrowed it down to projects that involve larger than normal layers (working with graphics bigger than 1920x1080) but these are the same projects he was working on with his older system and we never ran into this problem.


      any help is appreciated, thanks!