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    Animating a road map of our trip using CS5


      I would really appreciate help on this subject. I have a road map and want to show an animated line of the roads we travelled. I have tried using PS, where I opened the map, created a new layer, drew in the first part of our trip in red, saved that as a jpg file. Created a second new layer, then using a wider brush, in black, and using the FADE option, carefully traced over the red line, at the end of which the wider black line had faded to white. I then deleted the map and the red line layers,and saved the faded line only as a bmp file.

      Next I placed the map, then the red lined map side by side onto the timeline of my video in Premiere Pro. I then used the gradient wipe effect to place between these two maps, opened the bmp file, as instructed, then stretched the left and right end of the transition to cover the 2 jpg maps on the timeline. So far I have tried a combination of all of this about 500 times and am about to give up. I can get an animation of sorts, but nothing like the moving snake like line that I want. Also, I have read Mr Hunt's advice, and may resort to placing a PSD Layer over a map, however, I have seen how the moving route line works and it is most effective but almost impossible for me to achieve. I am looking foreward to your views. Thank you.