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    New Flash Versions causing web page to blank.


      Hi, I am in serious need of help. Since recent versions of Flash have come out (perhaps the last few weeks), when loading up the website, www.endooptiks.com , the flash loading bars show, various SWF files in their layer appear, but then when loading completes, the web page goes blank (usually black, sometimes white).



      This occurs on Windoes 7 (64), Vista and XP. It occurs in IE9, IE8, and various Firefox browers. So, I am comfortable believing that it is a recent Flash player issue.



      The HTML page loads a file "back.swf" which in turn loads "menu_eo.swf" in level 10 and "intro_eo.swf" into level 5.



      What it looks like is that when the intro page finished loading and moves to the correct frame, the screen goes blank.



      My clients rarely update their Flash Player, but I asked them to do so this morning. They had the same problem in all those other browser and operating system after updating to Flash Player 10.3.1832.5.



      Please help!