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    "HH_GET_WIN_TYPE has not been specified" in Robohelp 9 HTML


      Hi there. I know this error has been around before, but I have not found any solution to fix my problem. I imported a Robohelp x5 project into Robo 9 HTML, and everything seemed to import fine. I compiled the project, and everything works except for when I try to go to a topic by clicking on its TOC link. I then get the "hh_get_win_type has not been specified" error, and if I click on the message, it'll eventually go away and then the topic will correctly open. (Any links in the main frame work properly with no error message.) Obviously I need to fix this before sending it out. The specific window it mentions is not used in the project settings any more, so I just can't delete it. Does anybody have a suggestion for this? Thanks, Mark.