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    Adobe Digital Editions


      I just bought 2 ebooks, and thought I was going to get a PDF.  And when I got them I was only

      able to read them in this Digital Editions.  This thing is pure crap.  I can't scroll partial pages and read like I like to read.  It only lets me read one page at a time and I cannot partially scroll the current page up so I can get the text where I like it to make it comfortable for me to read like I like to read.


      If ever I buy another eBook and the only option is to read it from Adobe Digital Editions, you can bet your life I WILL NOT BUY THE EBOOK.


      Adobe products are such a pain in the *** to use.

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          I'm sorry that you've had such a bad experience, but you have to determine

          how the software is going to work before you can be comfortable working with

          it.  At least, if ADE doesn't handle ebooks the way you'd like them to, you

          haven't spent any money on software.


          You do have other software options.  There are several products on the

          market that compete with ADE: Bluefire reader is one that I've heard of.


          You also have options to purchase ebooks from other vendors that link their

          ereaders to their book websites, such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble and SONY.

          Their implementation of ebook software may let you do what you want to do.



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            Now I will say, thank you very kindly for the other suggestions.  I have purchased ebooks a few years ago and always got

            PDF files.  And when I saw this was an Adobe product to read with, I thought I would have the option to also read it as a PDF.

            you are correct in that I should have researched this application to make sure I was going to get what I wanted, and not forced to be stuck using a program that will not let me scroll down the page at my pace but instead makes me go to an entirely new page.  I like to keep the text I am reading at eye level and that is not possible with this application.  And I won't print it because I can't afford to waste the paper and ink just to get it where I can read it in hard copy.  I don't pass things around, and this is purely for my use only.  I have no desire to share it with anyone, unlike a book if I pay for it I can then pass it on, not so with this new stuff.  I will not purchase another ebook if I am forced to use anything like Adobe DE or any similar program.  Lost sales is what I see here, not prevention of copy rights, but lost sales.  greed always gets the best of those who try to stop others from doing similar things that they themselves do.  Bunch of hypocrites.

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              Some people posting here have found a way to use Adobe Reader for their pdf

              files.  If you're in Windows, you can try to 'Open With' the pdf ebook and

              see if that can happen.  I am not sure, but I don't think that there's a way

              for a publisher to bind a pdf file to ADE.