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    Printing in Flex: why does print dialog box look different?


      I'm starting to play with printing in Flex. I tried to run the "Example: A simple print job" here from the Adobe web site  (i.e. press demo button on Adobe web site and then press print button on demo) and get one print dialog box. The took the same code and pasted it in a Flash Builder Application file and ran the whole thing on the same computer (same OS, Windows 7, and same browser, Chrome) and  get a different looking print dialog box. The only difference I can see is that the example on the Adobe site is probably compiled using FB 4.5 and the one on my machine is compiled using FB4, but I have a hard time believing that would cause the difference, considering that the print dialog box should theoretically be an OS deal. A picture of the two dialog boxes is included below.



      any ideas of what could be causing this?


      thank you!