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    Importing vector images into MS Office from Flash Pro CS5.5


      For years i have been designing things in flash, exporting them into EMF files and then importing them into MS Office to be able to print documents in vector format so that the DPI is always high quality (it also reduces the file size of documents instead of using large raster images).  However Flash CS5.5 no longer supports third party vector formats instead opting for an incompatible adobe software only vector file.


      I know you can design documents in Illustrator however i design interactive applications in flash and also export graphics into Word to make workplace documents, as most people in my workplace know how to use Office but not many other programs.  We are also restricted by what software the government approve to use in my workplace which is very little on a tight budget.  If I can't do this anymore it will be a huge blow to my productivity.


      Can anyone help me with a work around please?  Is there an FXG to EMF converter or another format that works with Word?


      Thank you.