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    Learning Curve and Posibilities


      Hi all,


      I just received a question from one of my clients. As a filmer and video-editor I do videoproductions all the time but this time the client wants something special. An educational program to check if his workers understand a certain process.


      He wants his users to:

      1. View a film
      2. Answer a MultipleChoice Question regarding that film (Answer A, B, C order at random generated)
      3. Continue to the next film
      4. x10 or x20
      5. View the results
      6. Email or print the results to my client
      7. All on a template that fits to his Corperate Identity and includes their logo's.


      I have several questions, beware, I am a compleet noob at this. My expirience stops at PremierePro, Afteraffects, Photoshop, 3dmax and a bit of Dreamweaver. I have worked with Macromedia Director in the past but that is many years ago. I want to try out Captivate or Authorware but need to know what I am getting myself into. Understand that I have yet to buy and install the software.


      • Should I use Captivate or Authorware for such a project?
      • Is there any other software needed?
      • Can I create PC content with a Mac version?
      • What kind of videofiles should I create?
      • What is the learning curve?
      • How much work/time does it take to create above product (apart from creating the films)?
      • Is there somebody who'd like to guide me?
      • Any things I should be aware of?


      Many many thanks for your anwsers!

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          Steve Howard, ACP Level 3

          Don't use Authorware for this.


          Authorware can easily be used to do this if you have the experience, but it is an extremely expensive and dead product. You would be better using Captivate, or goodness even PowerPoint, rather than using Authorware.



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            Erik Lord Adobe Community Professional

            Agreed with Steve. Even a few years ago when Authorware was still viable, I'd probably suggest something else if this would be delivered over the web (if 'local' then, sure, Authorware would have been perfect).

            Captivate could do this, or Powerpoint with the addition of Articulate Presenter or Adobe Presenter would also be a suitable, not-terribly expensive, tool.