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    premiere elements 9 issue with m4v


      i have a sony cybershot h55 and it shoots in m4v.

      everytime i put my videos into premiere elements it gets spots where it goes black or white and pixely & it ruins the frame for a few seconds on and off

      this isnt a trial version; i got the program straight from adobe. ive updated everything but it hasnt fixed my issue.

      i have a windows vista sp2, if it helps.

      anyone know why this is happening or how i can stop this? its soooo frustrating!

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          Premiere Elements will likely not be able to edit that video.


          But you can increase the odds that it will be able to by:

          1) Ensuring you have the latest version of Quicktime installed, per the program requirements.

          2) Installing the software that came with the camera. (It may install some necessary codecs.)

          3) Ensuring that your Premiere Elements project is properly set up. Your setup could activate necessary components for you to be able to work with this video format.


          It's hard to say which settings to select for your camera, since the camera shoots in both 1280x720 and 640x480 format. But most likely the settings you will need are listed as one of the DSLR options. Did you choose one of these when you started your project?


          Did you use Premiere Elements' Get Media/Video Importer to get the video from your camcorder into yoru computer?


          The biggest challenge is that, unlike DSLRs, the video from these consumer-style still cameras often uses the MJPEG codec, which can be challenging for videos to work with. I don't know if that camera shoots in MOV or AVI format, but knowing that could help us figure out how to convert the video to an editable format if the existing project settings dont' seem to work.


          BTW, are you sure your camera produces m4v files? That's generally a file format that's only used for iTunes video.

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            videogirll Level 1

            i tried everything and it hasnt changed...and i imported through my camera to premiere elements (it worked under avchd) & it imported as mp4.

            i changed the settings to various dslr options and it kept asking me to change the settings to match my video. i tried it with and without those settings and it still showed the spots of black and white pixels. heres a picture of what im trying to say is happening:




            ive found that it only happens through premiere elements, not through quicktime or realplayer, or the original on my sd card.

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              You rendered your project (by pressing Enter) whenever there were red lines above the clips on your timeline, right? When there are green lines above your clips, your clips will play back more like they'll look on your final output.


              If so and you are still getting this quality of video, then apparently you're not going to be able to successfully edit this video in this program. Sorry.

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                videogirll Level 1

                Yes, I always render.

                Even though this problem cant be fixed, thank you for all your help with this. I really appreciate it!