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    Can RoboHelp9 Search information from other database besides itself

    Frances Guan Level 1

      Hi experts,


      I just got the task to look into the RoboHelp's search function whether it could satisfy our needs:


      we want to have a RoboHelp 9 to  host the information for contact center, and we already have couple of other database existed for different department that the agents from contact center might need to log in to search information.


      the question is:

      1. Is it possible, after RoboHelp 9 set up and configured, the agents could search and retrieve information not only resides in RoboHelp but also sits in other database?


      2.Is it possible that from internet public users could search and retrieve information that sits in RoboHelp and other databases (that we allow them to go) ?



      Thanks a lot in advance,