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    Create a video player for embedded FLV


      So I want to embed a FLV in my flash so that I just have ONE SWF that contains everything.


      I know if I say "load external video with playback component" I will end up with a swf, html and the flv- this is NOT what I want so please don't ask me why I'm not using this option.
      "Embed FLV in SWF and play in timeline" is EXACTLY what I want- the result is just a single SWF.


      Here is the question: How do I get a video player if I embed a FLV in flash?


      I know if I load the video external I will get some nice players - exactly what I want. How do I get a player if the video is embedded? Are there any coded player templates on the net? I couldn't find anything on google I could use but I've to admit I'm not too good at AS.


      Thanks A LOT for your help