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    Same project in CS5 to PAL DVD and NTSC DVD.

    videoarsim Level 1

      Hi everyone,

      I am trying to find best solution how to do it. My project is slideshow with scaled JPEG images and some video clips from DSLR camera Canon T3i.

      I know that video is 16:9 (1920x1080, 29.97fr) ratio and my output should be 4:3 ratio. With this I can deal with no problems, because is just few clips. My conclusion is: How to deal with PAL SD 4:3 ( 720x576, 25fr) ratio and NTSC SD 4:3 (720x480, 29.97fr) and a lot of images. What sequence settings I should use for the project? What I can think: start with DV PAL after everything is done put in DV NTSC sequence and scale it? Any other thoughts, please?

      Thank you, Art