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    Losing variables using loadMovie in input Text Field


      Hello! Im trying to load an swf into another swf that has a variable in the text input field. Im a designer and not a programmer but I am using this tutorial to get started in loading a form with a variables in it.




      What im doing is trying to duplicate is the text box so that when i want to load new_box.swf (with a variable name "company") into main.swf into a movieclip with an instant name "loader." using this:


      on (release) {
          loadMovie ("new_box.swf", "_root.form.loader");


      I can get the movie to load but it loses the variable "company" in the process and when i send the form it doesnt work. If i just keep it in the main timeline it works but not when i loadMovie. Any info would help. Thank you.