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    Change Sections and Page Numbers in a Book after it's in progress?



      10.6.8  MacBookPro


      I'm working on a 450-500 page book with 4 chapters, 150+ in text full page images, end and beginning information (title page, preface, intro, TOC, Appendices, Glossary, Endnotes).


      I have Booked three chapters using InDesign's Book feature, now working on the front and end bits and a last chapter (actually chapter one).


      I watched Michael Murphy's excellent video on the Book feature, and he adds the page numbering and sections before he creates the template. I'm doing them after I have Chapters in the Book.


      Question one:


      How do I add page numbering once I've Booked several Chapters?
           I also want to add a Section and have all before in style i, ii, iii, etc. and all after 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.


      Question two

      How do I add the title of the book to all left hand pages, and the chapter title to the right hand pages now? I've never done that  in InDesign, and my attempts after reading Help aren't working even on a sample chapter outside of the Book feature. In the Book feature, I'm not even sure how to start.


      Thank you so much!