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    Flash Builder 4 Premium reverts to trial version for SDK 4.5.1.


      My setup:

      Windows 7 and Mac OS X 10.6

      Flash Builder 4 Premium, Version 4.0 (build 272416), volume license

      SDK 4.5.1, Flex 3 compatibility mode enabled

      RIATest 4.3 Professional

      RIATest compiled-in agent: RIATestAgent3.swc


      When running RIATest against our application to perform automated tests, I eventually get this alert appearing in  our application:

      |                                                                |
      |                                                                |
      |    License not present. With the trial version only limited    |
      |    replays are allowed.                                        |
      |                                                                |
      |                            [  OK  ]                            |


      This alert never appeared until we upgraded from SDK 3.4.1 to SDK 4.5.1. This problem occurs on Windows 7 and Mac OS X. I updated our code to disable Flex 3 compatibility and use the RIATest agent, RIATestAgent4.swc. This did not change the outcome. Since this is an Adobe licensing issue, there is nothing the makers of RIATest (Cogitek) can do to help me other than to tell me to press the matter with Adobe. I'm using the same legitimate/legal/valid Flash Builder Premium and RIATest licenses as I've been using for a year now.


      Why do I need a new license to perform automated tests against SDK 4.5.1? What license would that be?