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    Using the DateField in an Externally loaded SWF


      I have been having major trouble trying to get a basic PHP contact form to work within an externally loaded SWF file inside of a parent SWF. When I test the movie on its own it seems to work fine (example: I'm able to select a date from the DateField component). However, when I open up the parent SWF file and call the external SWF file with the form the DateField is basically unusable (example: when you click on it nothing happens, no calendar pops up to select a date).

      I have no ActionScript on it yet, simply because I figure I need it to work before I tell it what to do with the PHP file. The instance name on the DateField is "theDate". Any help is very much appreciated. Thank you.

      Also, I have just successfully used the contact form on the web. But, the only user interface components I am able to edit are the input text boxes, not the DateField or the ComboBox I have in it as well. This is very odd, I was not aware that anything special had to be done using these UI components within an external file.