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    Is this a watermark?

    Toomany3 Level 1

      I'm a bit confussed.  I made two identical sequences (sequences with the exact same media sitting on the timeline).  One I have without any renders, the other with Cineform renders. 


      Everything is perfectly fine on both sequences EXCEPT my title sequence .MOV (exported as DNxHD).


      The sequence with Cineform render shows a crazy blue over the clip, the other doesn't.  But the blue ONLY happens on the Cineform rendered timeline/sequence and ONLY on my "title sequence.mov" file.  My title sequence is already exported and sitting as a .MOV on the timeline and I can see it through Windows Media Player, Bridge, Quicktime just as a normal clip, but whenver I render out the timeline Premiere (or Blue Screen of Death's brother) turns that one clip blue.


      What gives?  If the blue is a watermakr, then why doesn't it watermark the other sequences beside this one clip?



      Capture clean.PNG