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    Mouse.hide() not working on air/mac app

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      I have an air app with a Mouse.hide() that is not working on the mac, but in an odd way. It has the latest AIR runtime as of the other day and I am publishing to AIR 2.0 from Flash Pro CS5. I'm making it from windows where it works fine, but the show computer is a mac mini.

      I am calling Mouse.hide on the Document class in the ADDED_TO_STAGE handler (right before going FULL_SCREEN_INTERACTIVE), as well as 2 seconds after ADDED_TO_STAGE via a timer.


      Here's the thing. If you launch the air app from the dock in osx, it works every time. However, if you launch the app from a finder window, the Mouse.hide() does not work! It also doesn't work when the app is set to run at login, as this is a trade show display setup just to run this app. It is also worth noting that in this case, the app still does have keyboard focus as the keyboard events are registering properly. Hit "M" and I've got the mouse hiding that way with no problem. Trouble is the client wants it to be automatic, so that show staff can hit the power button on the computer and be done.

      I would post my code, but seriously it's just on ADDED_TO_STAGE -> Mouse.hide() and it hasn't changed. Shouldn't that work? This has been working since the beginning of this project almost 10 months ago but just stopped working recently (within the last couple of times we have updated software on the show machines).


      I need to come up with a solution to this, but as far as I can see the only solution is to upgrade the project to run at 10.2 and air 2.7 to use native mouse cursors and load a blank cursor. To do that I think I would need to convert my .xfl project over to a flex builder project with components but I'm still not quite sure how to do that, so it would definitely take some time :/


      thanks for reading this and if you think it would help for me to show my code I'll put together a test bed.