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    Problems with GoPro video/Premiere Presets


      I've got Premiere Elements 8.


      There is no available preset for the GoPro HD camera, and none with 60p framerate either. Every time I go to edit video it looks as though the resoloution has been greatly lowered, quality is awful, I've tried saving projects out with all kinds of settings.


      I tried to download the trial for Premiere Pro, it wouldn't install. Seems to be a conflict as I have photoshop CS5 installed already(I'm a still photographer and I've been using photoshop since around 97, but video is new to me). Either way the pro version is probably more than I'd want to pay for video software as video is not my profession.


      I understand from reading on here the next version of Elements should be out soon. Does anyone know if it will support custom presets or create auto presets based on what camera I'm using? I also have a Nikon D3s SLR I shoot some video with, it records with a 24p framerate.


      I see that Sony Vegas will support 60p framerate and it seems to have as many of not more features than Premiere. Can anyone give me a reason why I should stick with Adobe? I am hoping that with the educational discount the upgrade will be less than switching, I really haven't gotten the usage out of Premiere Elements 8 that I would have liked, I bought it to learn video editing about a year ago. As technology changes you would think they would make changes/updates that allow newer cameras to work.