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    Merge data files


      Hello forum


      I have created a PDF form using LiveCycle Designer ES2.  The form has an Email Submit Button at the end.  Clicking this button generates an email with an .xml file attachment.  The mail has the following message: The attached file contains data that was entered into a form.  It is not the form itself.  Recipients should save the data file locally with a unique name.


      I want clients to be able to submit the form via email which will be received and saved locally.  I then want to merge the data from the received forms into an Excel spreadsheet so that it can be imported into a different database.  I have tried going into Acrobat X Pro and clicking Tools, Forms, More form options, Manage form data, Merge data files into spreadhseet.  I click Add files and the select my uniquely named, locally saved .xml file.  I click Export files.  This generates a .csv report file.  When the .csv file is opened in Excel column 1 has the name of the .xml files I saved locally.  There is no other data in the sheet.


      Is this a bug in the current version of x Pro?  Is there any solution or work around so that I can achieve my aims?


      I posted this question in the Acrobat forum but was suggested that this forum might be a better fit.


      Any assistance would be very much appreciated.